Memoir – the art of telling your story, through your eyes, with the hope of revealing its truths.


Dad at The Broadmoor, 1945

Read my essay: “The Broadmoor,” on the Story Circle Network website, October, 2020.

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My husband said to the realtor, “we really want a house with an interesting back yard.” The back yard of the house we moved to in May has four crepe myrtles, five feet high, and a large cement patio. No overhang. No shade. No garden. Read More here.


Chrismas, 1955

Mother of My Invention: Your Genes Don’t Tell the Whole story is my account of searching for the mother who was lost to schizophrenia before I was born. Who was this woman? Who are we, if we can’t know where we came from? Sometimes the answers lie in surprising places. Read more here.